A Nice Ring to It


Not a particularly welcoming salutation. Not unfriendly, but no enthusiasm. It’s firm. Finite. Is he mad?


This one’s completely different. It’s casual. The lack of punctuation says, “I’m on the go — Just didn’t have time for that little dot!”

If you find this analysis over-the-top and slightly nauseating, I’m with you, but there’s nothing I can do about it — I perpetuate the practice daily.

In a world where we’d rather text than pick up the phone and risk having to actually talk to someone, this kind of decoding is commonplace … dare I say, necessary. So many subtle nuances of conversation are simply absent in texting. It takes the human element out of communication — something inherently human. And, if you’re like me, you feel the need to fill the void.

Take this interchange with my boyfriend I recently had via text message:

Chris: “I dunno…

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